Cancelling Monday session the right call, Ohio chairman says

Aug 27, 2012

Despite the fact that Tampa is taking only an indirect hit from Tropical Storm Isaac, calling off the Monday sessions was the right call, Ohio Republican Party chairman Bob Bennett said this morning.

"A few days ago, it looked like it would be a direct hit,'' Bennett told reporters before the Ohio delegation breakfast Monday. "They made the right call."

Early Monday morning, heavy straight-line rains came blowing into Tampa, with heavy winds, but by the time the breakfast began at 9 a.m., there was no rain - and even a slim peek of Florida sunshine. But more rain from the outer bands of Isaac are expected to hit the area later today.

"The Republican National Committee had to do this, for the safety of delegates and everybody else,'' Bennett said. "You can't take a chance with something like this. We'll have plenty of time to get done what we need to do."