Chabot: Jihadists did it; Obama won't admit it

Apr 24, 2013

U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, the Westwood Republican, wrote a strongly-worded blog posting Monday blaming the Boston bombings on “Muslim Jihadists” and accusing the Obama administration of trying to cover it up.

“These weren’t a couple of disgruntled Methodists who set off pressure cooker bombs in an attempt to kill and injure as many infidels as possible,’’ Chabot wrote on his blog. “They were Chechen radicalized Islamists who hated America, the country that had generously taken them in, clothed them, fed them and educated them.”

President Obama, Chabot said, “has gone to absurd lengths to not call our enemy by its true name – radical Islamic jihadism. We will never defeat this enemy if political correctness does not allow us to call it what it is."

You can read Chabot’s blog posting here.