Ciara Bravo Gets ‘Second Chance’ From Fox

Jan 12, 2016

Ciara Bravo as Gracie Pritchard in "Second Chance."
Credit Fox Broadcasting

Alexandria native Ciara Bravo returns to TV in “Second Chance” Wednesday (9 p.m., Channel 19), her second Fox television drama in 18 months. Fox has given it the prized position behind “American Idol,” which helped make “Empire” a hit a year ago.

“I’ve been very, very lucky,” says Bravo, 18, who was in Fox’s short-lived “Red Band Society” drama in fall 2014 about sick kids bonding while hospital patients.

“Second Chance,” originally called “Frankenstein,” stars Rob Kazinsky from “True Blood.” 

He plays corrupt 75-year-old sheriff Jimmy Pritchard brought back to life as a younger man by billionaire tech-genius twins (Dilshad Vadsaria, “Revenge”; Adhir Kalyan, “Rules of Engagement”).

Ciara Bravo (right) talks with her grandfather (Rob Kazinsky) and his friend (guest star Amanda Detmer) in the Jan. 20 episode of “Second Chance.”
Credit Fox Broadcasting

Ciara plays Gracie, Jimmy’s 17-year-old granddaughter. Her father, Duval Pritchard (Tim DeKay, “White Collar”), is a FBI agent, which of course makes things very interesting.

Do they recognize the younger Jimmy as their father or grandfather?

“None of the family members are immediately aware of what happened to him, but a few are suspicious. Gracie misses him so much, and it never clicks with her that it could be him,” says Ciara by phone from Los Angeles, where she lives with her older sister Rikkel.

Ciara, who finished high school last May, temporarily moved to Vancouver in August to film all 11 episodes last fall.

“I rented an apartment and was living on my own, which was exhilarating,” she says. Her co-stars “were the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. It was an incredible experience.”

I first wrote about Ciara when she played the younger sister on Nickelodeon’s “Big Time Rush” in 2010. Her credits include TV movies called “Swindle” and “Jinxed,” and doing voices for “Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas,” “Happiness Is A Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown” and “The Penguins of Madagascar.”