Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project Will Screen Films Made This Past Weekend On Sunday

Jun 4, 2015

Two days, 48 hours, from concept to creation, that’s the challenge presented by the Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project, and dozens of local filmmaking teams took that challenge last weekend.

Last weekend, filmmakers from all over the Cincinnati area competed to see who could make the best short film in only 48 hours. Premiere screenings of the films from the Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project will be held June 7 at Thompson House, and the winner will go up against movies from around the world.

Joining us to explain the whirlwind process involved in creating a movie, from writing and casting to filming and editing, in a single weekend, are Kat Steele, executive director of the Cincinnati Film Festival and producer of the Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project; Doug Ziegler, director of Queen City Improv Players and 48 Hour Film Project team QCIP; and Motke Dapp, writer & director of Paper Ghost Pictures, winner of the 2014 Nashville 48 Hour Film Project and was selected among the top 10 internationally to screen in Cannes.