Cincinnati Baseball: Crosley Field

Aug 14, 2012

Cincinnati Baseball: Crosley Field is a one-hour special that features studio interviews along with music of the period and audio highlights from Red Barber, Joe Nuxhall, and Johnny Vander Meer.

The Crosley Field program begins with audio clips from the beginning of a Cincinnati Reds baseball game and a 1923 recording about Powel Crosley, Jr. Michael Banks, co-author of Crosley and author of Crosley: A Fine Car, follows with the history of Crosley’s involvement in the Reds including changing the ballpark ’s name and parking issues later on. John Erardi, Cincinnati Reds historian and sportswriter for the Cincinnati Enquirer, talks about the history of Crosley Field, including the 1937 flood, opening days, and free tickets for kids who were future Reds fans.

There are audio clips of Red Barber, Reds announcer at Crosley Field from 1934-1938, talking about the politics behind the first night game in professional baseball. Reds pitcher/broadcaster Joe Nuxhall reminisces about pitching a game, and there’s also a short piece of him calling a Reds game. There’s audio from an interview with Reds pitcher Johnny Vander Meer who was the only MLB player to throw two consecutive no-hitters (1938).

Phil Nuxhall recalls going to Crosley Field as a child when his father, Joe Nuxhall, broadcast Reds games from Crosley Field. He tells stories about organist Ronnie Dale, Wilma the Hot Dog Lady, and riding to the park with broadcaster Frank McCormick. Jim Tarbell, a long-time supporter of Over-the-Rhine, recalls fond memories of “Peanut” Jim Shelton – from a physical description to honoring him in the Findlay Market parade, and Mr. Shelton’s inspiration for kids in the West End.

The music in the special includes Peanut Jim by Jake Speed & the Freddies, God Bless America by Kate Smith (1939), and Baseball, Baseball by Jane Morgan with the George Barnes Quintet (1954).

Priscilla Stowe talks about her husband Bernie Stowe’s tenure with the Cincinnati Reds, and Betty Seay shares her memories of being a baseball fan as a teenager and later working with the Cincinnati Reds in their downtown offices when they played at Crosley Field. And, Chuck Funk, Blue Ash Parks and Recreation Director, discusses the recreated Crosley Field in Blue Ash.

Cincinnati Baseball: Crosley Field is hosted by Mark Heyne and produced by Lee Hay.

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