Cincinnati could change garbage collection

Oct 1, 2012

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Cincinnati Council could be asked later this year to change the way the city collects trash in order to save money. 

Officials essentially want to use more automated equipment and reduce the amount of manual labor needed to pick up garbage. 

City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr. has been requesting such a change in several of his recent budget proposals. 

A task force has been studying the issue for a couple years. 

Michael Robinson is the city's new Director of Public Services.  He described what's being considered.

“Implement a new cart system using semi-automated trucks as well as automated units to reduce our workers compensation claims,” Robinson said.

Robinson said the change to newer technology would not result in any employee layoffs. 

The funding for the program would come from the city's capital budget, which has not been facing massive deficits like the general operating fund.