Cincinnati Council to consider zone change for project near XU

Oct 2, 2012

Credit Google maps

Cincinnati Council will likely approve a zoning change Wednesday needed for a mixed use development near the Xavier University campus. 

The 20-acre site is located at the corner of Dana Avenue and Montgomery Road in Evanston. 

Liz Blume is the Executive Director of the Community Building Institute, which is a partnership involving Xavier. 

She said the development will include apartment housing for students plus retail and office space.

“Our intent really is to create a zone that’s close to campus that revitalizes the community,” Blume said.  And also provides for academic purposes for our students, our faculty, our staff, residents of Evantson, residents of Norwood.”

Blume said the office space could serve many.

“Our hope is that office users are there because they want to be close to campus because they want to be able to take advantage of academic programming or student internship opportunities ,” Blume said.  “Or opportunities to connect with Xavier residents or Norwood residents.”

A portion of the site is located in Norwood and officials there will be asked to approve a zoning change in a couple of weeks.