Cincinnati Council Member Has Plan To Improve Streetcar

May 24, 2018

Cincinnati Council Member Greg Landsman is releasing details of his plan to fix some of the problems with the streetcar system.

His proposals come in a motion released Wednesday night to fellow council members and the media.

Landsman wants to establish a new position, Executive Director of the Streetcar, which would report to both City Hall and the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority.  SORTA operates the streetcar under a contract with the city.

"The executive director must be empowered to manage all aspects of the streetcar operations, including all contracts and decision," Landsman writes. "With contracts and decision split between City Hall and SORTA, this new leader is arguably the only way to establish an effective management structure in the short-run."

In the meantime, Landsman is making eight recommendations (detailed below) to help the streetcar until the executive director can be hired.

Landsman is the chairman of the Major Projects and Smart Government Committee, which has oversight of the streetcar system.

Streetcar Fixes Motion by WVXU News on Scribd