Cincinnati Has So Far Spent More Than $400K On Police Overtime During Protests

Jun 9, 2020

Cincinnati's city manager said Tuesday that so far, the city has spent $426,361 on overtime for the protests and demonstrations for George Floyd in Downtown Cincinnati, Over-the-Rhine and some nearby neighborhoods.

The manager's memo said that figure covers the pay period from May 17 to May 30, which only includes two days of the protests on May 29 and May 30. Most of the overtime was paid for those two days in the pay period.

There will be additional overtime for the next pay period from May 31 to June 13.

Duhaney said the city is in the process of figuring non-personnel costs for materials and supplies for the events.

He said overtime cost for the next period will be available on June 23.

Earlier this week, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office reported it had spent $224,000 for overtime from May 29 to June 5. That release said the number would increase because of last weekend's events.