Cincinnati human services funding recommendations

Nov 19, 2012

Cincinnati's Human Services Advisory committee has finished work on its funding recommendations for next year.  

Christie Bryant is the chairwomen of the group.

“After careful consideration of impact, alignment and accountability, we recommend funding 56 programs,” Bryant said.  “Two programs unfortunately are not recommended for funding.  Because of the short notice to these programs, we do recommend providing them with one-month transition funds of $1,000 each.”

The programs not being recommended for funding are the Over-The-Rhine Kitchen and a social education program offered by the Starfire Council of Greater Cincinnati.  

The human services funding focuses on programs to meet emergency social needs, to help people with self-sufficiency and efforts to reduce violence.  

Barbara Terry with the United Way said efforts to measure and monitor the programs are getting better.

“I’m very proud to say that we’re starting to develop common city-wide outcome measurement systems,” Terry said.  “So that we can bring back to you information data that shows that your investments really are returning an impact for a richer, more vibrant community.”

Since 1981, Cincinnati has used a portion of the General Fund to support human services programs.  

However that funding has been steadily decreasing since 2004 because of budget deficits.  

The advisory committee said money for these programs is being reduced at a time when the needs for services are becoming greater.