Cincinnati Issue 4 supporters celebrating

Nov 7, 2012

Issue 4 supporters hold a victory rally on the steps of Cincinnati City Hall.
Credit Jay Hanselman

People who supported longer terms for Cincinnati Council Members are celebrating.  

City voters narrowly approved a charter amendment Tuesday to change the Council term to four-years instead of the current two.  

Campaign co-chair Mike Allen said he's not concerned the issue only passed by a little more than two-thousand votes.

“I think people really stopped and thought about this issue, it was pretty far down on the ballot, people had to go in prepared,” Allen said.  “They thought about it and they knew this was a good thing for the city.  That’s why they voted for it.”

Former Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell also served as a co-chair on the Issue Four campaign.  He said it's hard to build a team when you're always running for office.

“You know you’re working on the big vision, you know long range development projects,” Tarbell said.   “By the time you get your team together and get started, and get to know all the players, you know it’s time to go run again.”

Meanwhile, those opposed to the longer terms are promising to work on bringing more reforms to the Council election process.  

Those could include creating districts for members to represent or having a recall provision to let voters make a change if they're not happy with a particular Council Member.