Cincinnati Launches Latest Neighborhood Enhancement Program

Mar 1, 2019

Cincinnati officials on Friday launched its annual Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP), and this year it will focus on Camp Washington and South Cumminsville.  

The city brings many services to the communities for a period of 90 days with a focus on code enforcement, blight removal and cooling crime hotspots.  

Joe Gorman is the executive director of the Camp Washington Community Board. He says the NEP program is a good public/private partnership.

"The residents and business people in Camp Washington have built the civic infrastructure needed for the city to come in with their powerful resources and do some very good things in the neighborhood," Gorman said.

Marilyn Evans is the president of the South Cumminsville Community Council. She thanked city officials for selecting the neighborhood for the program.

"We want to beautify our community," Evans said. "There's no sense of putting new houses in and rehabbing if the rest of us don't join in and clean up our community."

Also on Friday, Working in Neighborhoods - with the help of several local banks - broke ground for the Net Zero Urban Village. It will be a high-efficiency affordable housing development in South Cumminsville.