Cincinnati ready to present new comprehensive plan

Aug 30, 2012

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After three years of work, Cincinnati officials are ready to hear from you about the city's new comprehensive plan

Its focus is on what the city will look like the in the future. 

Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls has been involved in the plans development.

“It has the city looking like a city of thriving, vibrant neighborhoods, with the city reinforcing those neighborhoods with investments in housing and economic development, also connecting them with transportation networks, that focuses on not just automobiles but transit,” Qualls said.

The Planning Commission is holding a public hearing Thursday evening at 6 o'clock at City Hall. 

Qualls said residents' input is important because it's a roadmap for the future of the city.

“And for all of us who really care about the city and its future and also are very excited to see some momentum that we’re currently experiencing, this plan is a very important part of continuing that momentum and taking it into the neighborhoods,” Qualls said.

She says the goal is to re-enforce what every neighborhoods competitive advantage is--they are walk-able and pedestrian oriented. 

The Planning Commission will use tonight's public comments to decide if there are changes that need to be made to the proposed comprehensive plan.  Eventually the full City Council will adopt the proposal.