Cincinnati Reds find new ways to connect with fans

Apr 2, 2014

If just watching the game isn't enough for you, the Cincinnati Reds want to keep you engaged with new technology at Great American Ball Park. This year the team has invested in:

  • Instant Replay
  • Reds Connect Zone
  • iBeacons

At ballparks throughout the country teams are making instant replay available on the main video board. At Great American they are also on smaller monitors throughout the stadium.

The Reds Connect Zone, complete with free WiFi, charging stations and more than 25 screens of Tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook polls, Vine videos, trending topics and more, is located on the third base concourse behind section 110. This new gathering spot allows fans to follow and engage in real-time social medial content related to the Reds. The Reds are apparently one of just four ballparks to have a connect zone. Like the Reds, the Minnesota Twins rolled out the technology this year. Last year the San Fransisco Giants and the Chicago White Sox installed it.

In partnership with Major League Baseball, 60 iBeacons have been installed around the ballpark. Fans using Apple iOS7 devices can receive target, location-based information like special offers, ballpark information and more. You need Bluetooth and Location Services enabled on your device. The iBeacon technology also gives you information about the Reds statues.