Cincinnati's Northside Neighborhood Facing The Challenges Of Growth And Popularity

Apr 26, 2016

Northside, like many other neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati, has been changing over the years.
Credit Cincinnati Northside - Facebook page

Northside is known for being a quirky local neighborhood, rich in the arts and with a tradition of community activism; it’'s a walkable, urban location with a small town feel. Popular spots include record shops, community spaces and vintage stores.

However, Northside — like many other neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati,— has been changing over the years. This is especially true with the opening of The Gantry, a $15 million large-scale development that had its ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this month.

Here to talk about the history and demographics of Northside, as well as how residents would like to see the community develop, are Board Secretary of the Northside Community Council BoardMati Senerchia;  Executive Director of Professional Artistic Research Projects, Jonathan Sears; and Former President of the Northside Business Association, Bruce Demske