Cleaning Cincinnati's Entry Points

Jul 6, 2015

The grassy medians along I-75 are cared for by ODOT crews throughout the year.
Credit Ann Thompson / WVXU

Different organizations, like the Community Organizing Committee, Cincinnati Parks, and Downtown Cincinnati Inc. have been working on making the area look as good as possible for the national attention that will come with the All-Star Game.  The Ohio Department of Transportation has also contributed to that effort.

District 8 spokesman Brian Cunningham says ODOT has been working on cleaning up the interstates and the ramps in and out of Downtown.

“We have done some extra efforts with regards to the trash pick-up," says Cunningham.  "A couple of weeks ago we brought in extra forces from other counties and did a real trash blitz.  We worked with some of the Cincinnati organizations on a clean-up.  We’ve been focusing on those items particularly in the Downtown area, but it’s something that we do every day.”

Cunningham says in addition to trash pick-up, crews have also concentrated on removing graffiti and mowing.

“We will continue to have street cleaning as well as graffiti removal and trash pick-up.”   

Cunningham says wet weather over the last month hampered efforts to do some of the cleaning.

“We did have a little bit of delay in some of our project work a couple of weeks ago, but we try to get out there as often as we can when the weather allows us to.”

All-Star Weekend starts Friday, July 10, and culminates with the All-Star Game, July 14.