Clifton closer to getting its grocery store back

Oct 23, 2012

The final pieces are falling into place for a plan to return a grocery store to the Clifton community. 

That Cincinnati neighborhood has been without a market since an IGA on Ludlow Avenue closed in January 2011. 

Another operator has been working on financing to renovate and re-open the facility. 

City Council's Budget and Finance committee Tuesday approved a tax abatement for the project. 

Resident Beth Whalen asked the full Council to support the effort.

“The return of a full service grocery store to our business district is critical to attracting and maintaining viable businesses in our neighborhoods,” Whalen said.  “Neighborhood surveys have shown the grocery store, when it was in operation, was the most common reason for our visitors and our residents to visit the business district.”

A city official says work on the project could begin soon after the financing arrangements are completed.