Construction could begin soon on new Drop Inn Center

Mar 18, 2014

Construction on the new Drop Inn Center could begin later this summer and the facility could be open in August 2015.  It will be moving from its current location in Over-the-Rhine to Queensgate.

A Cincinnati Council committee received an update on the project Tuesday from Executive Director Arlene Nolan.  She said several sites were considered before one was selected.

"It is within a mile of the Central Business District," Nolan said.  "It is located on a bus route, and we felt that it was really accessible for our clients and people seeking our shelter to get to us.  We do have transportation currently, and we are looking at expanding that transportation when we move to this new location."

Nolan said the space will be state of the art with lots of features.

"A beautiful clinic that we intend to expand our medical services with our partner medical providers," Nolan said.  "For the residents, much larger, more spacious sleeping areas, and bathrooms for each and every shelter.  We have three shelters on this campus."

It will also have space for daytime services and an area where outside agencies can provide assistance to the homeless population.

The Queensgate location will be serving men only.  The Drop Inn Center will operate a second facility for women in Mt. Auburn.

"That we can serve women in a much improved way with expanded programming, daytime service and case management," Nolan said.  "We will share this space with the Anna Louise Inn, and we'll de adjacent to the United Way building."

The Mt. Auburn location is scheduled to open early next year.

Cincinnati Council will need to approve an ordinance related to zoning before construction can begin on the Queensgate facility.  That could happen by the end of next month.  The Drop Inn Center is also working on a good neighborhood agreement with nearby businesses and residents.  

Some homeless activists have been critical of both projects.