Contemporary Arts Center Drops Admission Fee

Jan 27, 2016

The Contemporary Arts Center will offer free admission for at least the next three years. The CAC says a group of donors has come together to subsidize the entrance fee.

The change will take effect Feb. 13, 2016.

According to the CAC, "The end of admission fees at the Contemporary Arts Center arrives thanks to a gift of  $75,000 from The Johnson Foundation and $150,000 from a newly formed Contemporary Arts Center patron’s circle known as The 50. Together, they will subsidize free admission for at least three years."

In a statement, CAC Director and charter member of The 50 Raphaela Platow says, "This single change would send a clear message that all are welcome, and would open the doors to countless visitors who might not otherwise experience contemporary art in Cincinnati."

Members of The 50 have donated $3,000 each. Described as "the next generation of philanthropists," they say they want to begin giving now rather than waiting until later in life.

The CAC says current memberships will remain in effect and the museum will continue to offer memberships. Members will get specials discounts and free admission to certain programs.