Convincing Cincinnati neighborhoods they'll be safer this summer

May 21, 2014

The numbers point to a safer Cincinnati, but the perception for many is that some neighborhoods still aren't. Just today District Three Police Captain Dan Gerard took members of the Board of Realtors on a tour of Price Hill, where crime is at its lowest in ten years.

  • District Three violent crime decreased 21% since Police Visibility Overtime (PVO) began in March

Traditionally the summer has been a challenge for police. But Chief Jeffrey Blackwell says, "School gets out next Thursday. We have a plan for that, for all of next week at the schools and as we move into the summer we're going to do our best to maintain very low crime rates and improve the livability of the entire city."

In Northside, Candy and More is closed after police targeted the business for selling more than candy. Officers say the people working there were dealing drugs. President of the Northside Community Council, Oliver Kroner is encouraged by the drop in crime over the last decade, but says summer continues to be a problem.

  • During first 60 days of PVO robberies decreased 18% in Northside

Kroner likes Blackwell's approach; trying new things like beacon lights on cruisers and putting more officers on the street. He says, "These are experiments. I'm a scientist by day. You know, we'll wait and see and see where this goes. I am optimistic."

In Evanston, Pastor Peterson Mingo of the Christ Temple Baptist Church has seen a drastic change in the way things are done by police in each neighborhood. "The people are coming forward and they are beginning to talk. They are beginning to point out people. They are beginning to take back their streets. And with the addition of the new police officers on the streets, that's going to be a tremendous boost."

  • Violent crime in Evanston has decreased 24% in Evanston with PVO