County investigating if 'Obamacare' could mean lower property taxes

Jul 24, 2013

An outside healthcare consultant will help Hamilton County determine if any of its property taxes can be reduced now that the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is law.

County Commissioners want to know if some things paid for with local property taxes will be covered by federal dollars.

"In Hamilton  County we have certain property tax levies as well as other services that we provide through our General Fund, through those property tax levies for health care," says Commission President Chris Monzel. "So, the question is, 'Will any of those be taken care of by Obamacare?' And if it is, then we shouldn't be providing them anymore through the county and costing county taxpayers to pay for them since they're already paying for them through their federal taxes."

The consultant will work with the county's tax levy review committee. While the focus is healthcare savings, the team will look at all county-wide levies.