CPS Board Picks Candidates To Interview For Vacancy

Mar 21, 2019

We now know the names of eight people the Cincinnati Public School Board will interview to fill a vacancy created by the departure of Ericka Copeland-Dansby.

Seventeen people applied to replace Copeland-Dansby, who resigned to expand her role with the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative.  The candidates will be interviewed in an executive session next Wednesday.  The board has until April 5 to name a replacement. 

The finalists are:

·         Pamela Bowers, Director, School Based Services, Central Clinic Behavioral Health

·         Marlena Brookfield, Volunteer

·         Keizayla Fambro, Political Director, Black Fork Strategies LLC

·         Karen O. Henry, Associate Director, University of Cincinnati

·         De Asa Nichols, Supplier Diversity Manager, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

·         Kelli Prather, Occupational Therapist, Enhanced Healthcare Solutions LLC

·         Kenneth Simonson, Jr., University Administrator, University of Cincinnati

·         Tim’m West, Senior Managing Director, Teach for America

Ohio Revised Code gives the board 30 days to fill a vacancy.