Dayton Officers Awarded Medal Of Valor At White House Ceremony

Sep 9, 2019
Originally published on September 11, 2019 1:14 pm

Police officers who killed the gunman responsible for a mass shooting in the Oregon District last month were honored in a White House ceremony on Monday.

At the event, President Trump praised the six police officers, saying they displayed “nerves of steel” during the attack that left nine people dead and dozens more injured. The officers shot and killed the gunman before he could enter Ned Peppers bar, less than 30 seconds after the  attack began.

“Millions of Americans saw the video footage of these officers calmly charging forward in the midst of chaos and constant fire without a thought for their own safety.”

Trump said the officers saved countless lives. Sgt. William C. Knight and Officers Brian Rolfes, Vincent Carter, Jeremy Campbell, Ryan Nabel, David Denlinger were all awarded the Medal of Valor, the highest honor given to public safety officers in the U.S.

In a statement, Dayton Police Department said they are "incredibly proud and honored" to share in the officers' recognition.  

"We are deeply grateful for all of the love, support and recognition we have received from members of our community, our country, and from around the world in response to these officers' heroic and selfless service on August 4, 2019."        

Trump also commended five civilians who he said risked their lives to save others during a mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, hours before the attack in Dayton. 

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