Details of officer-involved shooting emerge

Mar 2, 2015

The Cincinnati PoliceĀ  investigation of an officer-involved shooting in East Price Hill continues. Detectives are trying to trace where Christian Jackson got the shotgun he allegedly pointed at officers. They are also enhancing the police video shot at the scene.

At a Monday afternoon news conference police detailed the chronology of events leading up to the shooting on Fairbanks Avenue, near Warsaw, after midnight.

Chronology of events:

  • A woman called 9-1-1 and reported her former boyfriend had broken in and stolen a radio.
  • Police located the suspect, Christian Jackson, and he warned them to stay away.
  • Jackson pointed a shotgun at Officers Jason Bolte and James Davis.
  • They fired 11 shots and hit Jackson twice.
  • Jackson ran away and they arrested him one house from his former girlfriend who had earlier called police.
  • Jackson is hospitalized in critical condition.
  • Officers Bolte and Davis, as standard procedure, are on administrative leave for seven days.

City Manager Harry Black said it's the policy to get the information out quickly. "This is consistent with our ongoing commitment to make certain that anytime an incident like this occurs that there is absolute transparency."

The video police are reviewing is from the dash of back-up police cruisers. No body cameras were on the scene.

Chairman of Cincinnati Council's Law and Public Safety Committee Christopher Smitherman says he supports the action of police. "You know my follow-up is, as he was pursued back towards where the woman was, you have two dangerous spots: one where the woman was and the other with the officers and one where he's going. You know, our officers did a great job. I'm happy that they are going home safe and that the woman involved, she wasn't killed."

Jackson has been charged with burglary and felonious assault.