The Digital Answer Man Looks At The Latest Tech Products

Oct 12, 2016

New technology devices, from smartphones to whole-home communications systems, are being introduced to the market at an increasingly rapid pace. It's almost impossible to know which products will best meet your needs, much less keep up with all of the technology now available. Which is why we asked the Consumer Technology Association’s “Digital Answer Man,” Jim Barry, to join us for a look at latest in high-tech products.

The Amazon Echo with Alexa provides hands-free internet connection, plays music and controls smart home devices.

Tech Products Reviewed by Jim Barry:

Allie 360-degree camcorder

Amazon Echo with Alexa

Apple Watch

Egg personal cloud device

FitBit Alpha

HTC 10X smartphone with HiRes audio

Intel Compute Stick

SolTrakr personal health monitor

Sony h.ear go Bluetooth speaker

Sony MDR-EX750BT h.ear in wireless Bluetooth HiRes headphones

Thermal Compact Pro infrared camera

Waka Waka solar phone charger