Discover The Hidden History Of Cincinnati

Dec 6, 2016

Pete Rose has a downtown street named after him, but there are many once-famous Cincinnatians who have been all but forgotten. For example, our city is home to the first black Olympic champion, the artist who created the comic strip and the inventor of the Magic 8 Ball. Cincinnati Enquirer librarian and history writer Jeff Suess uncovers details about these individuals, as well as some of the many forgotten events that took place here, in his book, “Hidden History of Cincinnati” – which goes back to a time before Cincinnati was even Cincinnati. 

Cincinnati Enquirer librarian Jeff Suess writes about hidden historical gems in his book, “Hidden History of Cincinnati.”
Credit Arcadia Publishing

Jeff Suess joins us today to talk about his book and the overlooked historical gems of the city, along with what it’s like to be a newspaper librarian.