'Donnybrook' Film Wants 'Rough Types' With Tattoos, Beards, Wrinkles

Oct 12, 2017

Forget the glamour of Cate Blanchett's "Carol," the talented jazz musicians in "Miles Ahead" or the cute kids in "A Christmas Melody."

Producers of "Donnybrook," Cincinnati's next major movie, want "rough types: beards, wrinkles, fighters, tattoos, etc. Backwater types!"

D. Lynn Meyers Casting's Facebook page posted the call for "Donnybrook," filming in October and November "in and around Cincinnati." Variety says shooting starts Monday, Oct. 23.

Tim Sutton ("Dark Night," "Memphis," "Pavilion") will direct the movie based on Frank Bill's "Donnybrook" novel about two men going to "a legendary backwoods bare-knuckle brawl where the winner gets $100,000," Variety first reported a year ago.

Sutton is adapting the crime thriller, Variety says. Producers told Variety that "the film is a mix of 'No Country for Old Men' and 'Fight Club.'"

No stars have been mentioned for the film in three Variety stories. Film Cincinnati, the local film commission, has not announced anything about "Donnybrook."

The Facebook page says that "all types of people are welcome, but we're especially looking for rough types."

Any interested extras should submit photos and contact info by email to donnybrookextras@gmail.com, and not by a Facebook message, the site says.

"Donnybrook" was the debut novel by Bill, who was born in Croydon, Ind., east of Louisville, and still lives in southern Indiana.

A 2013 Writer's Digest interview with Bill says the novel was about "a three-day bare-knuckle tournament held on a thousand-acre plot out in the sticks of southern Indiana. Twenty fighters. One wire-fence ring. Fight until only one man is left standing while a rowdy festival of onlookers — drunk and high on whatever’s on offer — bet on the fighters."