Dubai Churning Out 3D Printed Buildings

Oct 31, 2016

Construction crews in Dubai aren't building offices one brick at a time. Instead they're assembling them one complete wing at a time thanks to an organized effort to make the UAE city the 3D printing capital of the world.

It took only 17 days to put together what is now the temporary home of the Dubai Future Foundation. According to writer and editor Clare Scott, it was constructed with a twenty foot tall 3D printer that has an automated robotic arm. put together this explainer video on its youtube channel.

Dubai wants to have twenty-five percent of all new buildings printed with 3D by 2030. It has just assigned a construction company to build what will be the first 3D printed lab. Scott says it's in Solar Park. "So they are also doing a lot of work with 3D solar panels, wind turbines and a lot of that research that's going to happen as part of the 3D future lab."

Recently Dubai started printing replacement parts for its Metro Transit System. This translates into a quicker turnaround with less cost.

Also the UAE country is pursuing 3D printed organs and medial devices.

This is the site for Italian sustainable village to be built next spring.

Italy is getting in on the 3D game says Italy is planning a completely sustainable village. Every building will be printed with 3D parts using locally available materials, including clay. Shambhala in Massa Lombarda's industrial district "will be a high-tech, eco-friendly village with low energy consumption, a village whose inhabitants will be fully self-suffcient," reports Construction is set to begin in April, 2017.