Evendale adopts Bike/Pedestrian master plan

Jul 9, 2014

Evendale is the latest community to develop a master plan for increasing bicycle and pedestrian transportation in the village.  

Recreation Director David Nichols said the village council unanimously approved the proposal Tuesday night.  He said it will be good for residents.

“It will give them another opportunity to enjoy the outdoors,” Nichols said.  “Keep physically fit, enjoy their neighbors, connect to different communities hopefully in the near future.”

Nichols said having the master plan will allow officials to seek federal and state grant dollars to fund the various projects.  

It took three years for the proposal to come together and involved a lot public input.  

“The priority with our residents was to develop a leisure path along the Mill Creek,” Nichols said.  “But it’s going to take many years probably for that to develop.”

Another priority was connecting with Summit Park in Blue Ash, located at the corner of Glendale-Milford and Plainfield Roads.  The Evendale master plan also calls for connecting village facilities including the government complex and the recreation center.