Exploring Issues in Education

Jul 19, 2019

Wednesdays in September at 7:00 pm:
From APMReports, WVXU presents three weeks of documentaries that delve into issues facing the nation's educational system.

Homeless families wake up before dawn at the Open Doors shelter in Spokane, WA.
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September 4 - Students On The Move: Keeping Uprooted Kids In School

Moving a lot is hard on school kids. And millions of children in the United States have unstable housing. A growing body of research finds that repeatedly uprooted children are more likely to struggle in school and more likely to drop out. But there are ways to help them succeed. This APM Reports documentary focuses on two groups of kids who often change addresses — homeless kids and children of migrant farmworkers — and explores efforts to help these students do well in school.

A student moves through the rain on the campus of Georgia State. The school is using student data and predictive analytics to better understand which students are at risk of dropping out.
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September 11 - Under A Watchful Eye: How Colleges Are Tracking Students To Boost Graduation

Colleges need to get more students to graduate, and many schools are embracing a tool used by corporations and social media companies to track the clicks and movements of their customers: big data. A growing number of colleges are collecting and crunching vast amounts of data about students to help steer them to courses and majors they can manage — where they’re more likely to do well. But what do students gain and lose when they’re tracked onto a narrow path to graduation? Reporter Jill Barshay of the Hechinger Report teams up with APM Reports to examine the growing use of predictive analytics to get more students across the finish line and deliver more revenue to schools and how that is reshaping the college experience.

Students work together during a first grade literacy and reading instruction class at Achieve Academy in Oakland, CA.
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September 18 - At A Loss For Words: What’s Wrong With How Schools Teach Reading

There is a theory about how people read words — one that’s deeply embedded in teaching practices and curriculum materials widely used in elementary school classrooms. Although the idea has been disproved by cognitive scientists, it continues to be included teacher preparation programs, promoted in professional development sessions, and marketed by publishers. This APM Reports — a follow-up to last year's Hard Words: Why aren't kids being taught to read? — investigates where the idea comes from, why it endures, and how it harms kids.