Fairfield honorary delegate impressed by Ann Romney

Aug 29, 2012

Adrien and Rick Segal of Fairfield, both honorary Ohio delegates here in Tampa, were eating eggs and sausage at the Ohio delegation breakfast Wednesday morning, talking about the excitement of being at the Tampa Bay Times Forum for the first night of the convention.

Adrien Segal was particularly impressed by the speech the nominee's wife, Ann Romney, delivered to the convention last night, telling personal stories about her life and marriage to a man who may become president.

"She was wonderful,'' Adrien Segal said. "You felt like she was someone you would want to sit in the living room with and just talk."

Rick Segal, who has been involved in many GOP campaigns but not attended a convention since 1972, said it was  a privilege to be invited as an honorary delegate.

"It still has the same magic, after all these years,'' Segal said. "It doesn't matter what party you are in. Party conventions are special. It is part of the American experience.