Getting more Cincy residents in policy making

Feb 24, 2015

Credit Provided, City of Cincinnati

A Cincinnati Council committee could vote Tuesday on a plan to get more community involvement with city issues.  The group will review a five-page motion that sets up the framework for more engagement.  

Council Member Kevin Flynn has been interested in the issue since being elected in 2013.

“One of the things that both the administration as well as myself and other council members, at least on the campaign trail, said is we need to do a better job of bringing the people of Cincinnati into the decision making process when we’re making decisions about our city,” Flynn said.

Flynn said this is an initial step in the process, and more work will happen with the framework in place.

“What we’re trying to do is create a bottom/up effect,” Flynn said.  “That we get the citizens engaged in discussing policy issues before they get to the point of an ordinance, and they get two minutes in front of city council to say their peace.”

Flynn says one goal is to make sure engagement with citizens is similar across all city departments.