Go underground to party

Nov 15, 2013

Cincinnati is hosting its first underground music festival, featuring Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music Friday and Saturday.  The Ubahn Fest, underneath Second Street, features acts like this:

"Cincinnati has never seen anything like this,'' said Pat Sheeran, vice president of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. "The venue itself is a hidden gem in the city, and this will be the perfect home for this new event."

Ubahn Fest is at the Riverfront Transit Center from 7p.m.-2a.m. Friday and Saturday. Here are the scheduled acts:


A-Trak, DaveyC & Prism, The Animal Crakcers, Panzer, Disco Joe, DJ Worldpeace, DJ Simo, DJ Fursur, Runnerz, Briz Rain, Trademark Aaron, BMX/Red Bull, PUCK, Erik Barnum, The Natives, Sh3llz, Eazy El Loco, Mason Crowe


Mike Posner, Cal Scruby, K.M.F., CJ Townsend, Black Signal, DJ Donkis, DJ Magnificent, DJ Sinceer,
PRJR & Fleauxx, DJ Drowsy, Valley High, Buggs Tha Rocka, Santino Corleon, Those Guys, Big Cam
Sleep, Nuk, Nick Youngerman

Tickets are $20 for one night or $30 for both nights.