Hamilton County Sheriff will get new Harleys

Dec 10, 2014

Credit Hamilton County Sheriff's Department

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department will get two new motorcycles after all.

Commissioners questioned the purchase request last week. But Greg Hartmann says he's satisfied with the Sheriff's response.

"I'm convinced an efficient and legitimate law enforcement purpose was established," says Hartmann.

The department reinstated the motorcycle patrol in 2013 and reassigned four officers to the unit. The two new Harley Davidsons will replace two 2001 models the department says were outdated and not fuel efficient.

In an email, the Sheriff's Department says the program has been effective, citing these numbers:

Days on Patrol: 581

Citations Issued: 1,145

Traffic Stops: 1,982

School Zone Checks: 916

Crashes handled: 181

Traffic Related Calls Responded to: 1,644

Crime Related Calls Responded to: 766