Hamilton County weighing property tax rebate options

Nov 18, 2013

Hamilton County Commissioners plan to vote Wednesday on the size of the property tax rebate homeowners will receive next year.

The PTR was promised to taxpayers when the sales tax was increased to fund the new Reds and Bengals stadiums.

Commissioner Greg Hartmann is floating a plan that would fund the PTR at $12 million.

"This year the property tax rebate was $10 million distributed to people that own property in Hamilton County," says Hartmann. "Next year it will be $12 million, which will be divvied up. It's about $42 per $100,000 of (property) value."

Hartmann will need at least one more vote to make his plan happen.

Commission President Chris Monzel wants to see the full PTR restored. That's unlikely, so he says he's running the numbers and looking for a way to increase Hartmann's proposal.

Commissioner Todd Portune has suggested getting the money from a "modest sales tax" increase.

Read Commissioner Hartmann's proposal: