Hartmann: Union Terminal price tag too high

Oct 11, 2013

Cincinnati Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls and Hamilton County Commission Vice President Greg Hartmann address a gathering at Memorial Hall.
Credit Provided / Commissioner Greg Hartmann's office.

Cincinnati's Union Terminal is in need of major repairs but Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann says the Museum Center is going to have to find a way to lower the price tag.

Hartmann says the current $180 million estimate is too high.

"These are great facilities but we don't have an unlimited amount of dollars and I think taxpayers expect us to view their tax dollars in that way. I think that number for the Museum Center is too high right now. I've encouraged them to bring that number way down for (county commissioners) to consider having the property tax payers of this county pay for it."

Hartmann joined Cincinnati vice mayor Roxanne Qualls for a noontime discussion about preserving historic buildings, specifically the Memorial and Music Hall renovations. Both of those projects are being undertaken with financial help from public-private partnerships with groups like 3CDC.

Hartmann says he wants people across the county to get involved and offer ideas and feedback for how best to fund the Union Terminal repairs.