Here's Where District Five's New Police Headquarters Could Be

Jun 25, 2018

Cincinnati officials could officially announce the site for a new police department District Five location within the next month.

The City Planning Department did a presentation Monday to city council's Law and Public Safety Committee on the site selection process so far.

The remaining top nine sites are:

  • 3244-3300 Central Parkway (Clifton)
  • Colerain Avenue (Northside)
  • Dane & Knowlton (Northside)
  • Hamilton Avenue (College Hill)
  • Kahn's/Rhinegeist (Camp Washington)
  • Kenard (Spring Grove Village)
  • MLK & Clifton (Clifton Heights-University Heights-Fairview, an area commonly known as "CUF")
  • Runnymede/Colerain & Virginia (Northside)
  • Sansolone Family Site (CUF)

Of those nine sites, four meet the most criteria in the selection process:

  • Central Parkway
  • Dane & Knowlton
  • Hamilton Avenue
  • Kahns/Rhinegeist

At a Law and Public Safety Committee meeting Monday, Cincinnati Police Department unveiled nine sites where District Five's new headquarters could be built.
Credit Courtesy / City of Cincinnati

City officials were looking for a site with three or more acres, and the ability to quickly reach all the neighborhoods in the district, including the busiest, which are Mt. Airy, College Hill and CUF.

The city considered nearly 40 sites for the new District Five headquarters. Construction could start in spring 2019 and could open in late 2020.

The new facility would replace the now-closed District Five location on Ludlow Avenue. It was built in 1957 as a temporary location, but ended up being used until last year.

Right now District Five officers are working at a temporary location on Hamilton Avenue while work continues on constructing the new facility.