Heroin Crisis Leads To Urgent Demand For Foster Care

Feb 12, 2018

The ongoing opioid crisis has caused a dramatic increase in the number of children being removed from their homes due to one or both parents being addicted to drugs. And local agencies are struggling to find individuals and families willing to foster or adopt these children and provide them with the love, safety and stability they need.

Joining us to discuss the urgent demand for foster families throughout our region are Kentucky Intensive Family Services Executive Director Jessica L. Schneider; Director of Family Living and the Integrated Treatment Team with Envision, Kristie Hirsch; Hamilton County Job and Family Services Communications Specialist Jane Prendergast Meyer, who is also a foster and adoptive parent; Child Focus, Inc. Assistant Director for  Out of Home Care, Kathleen Peters; and Lighthouse Youth & Family Services Foster Care and Adoption Director Mindy Arlotta.

For more information on being a foster family, visit Hamilton County Job and Family Services; Kentucky Intensive Family Services; Child Focus, Inc.; Lighthouse Youth & Family Services; and Envision