Housing Authority Extends Eviction Moratorium

Aug 28, 2020

Cincinnati's Metropolitan Housing Authority is extending a moratorium on evictions again. The first extension took it to Sept. 1, but now lasts until the end of October. Spokeswoman Lesley Wardlow says the board of commissioners approved the extensions because of continued financial distress for some renters caused by the pandemic.

Wardlow says CMHA won't take anyone to court for not paying rent, but they will still have to pay eventually.

"The agency understands the pandemic has caused challenges for our community. We have taken many steps to assist families, and this is another one made by our leadership and the board of commissioners. It allows families time to tap into resources that are available, to get assistance for rent and utilities."

Wardlow says residents do need to talk to their property manager.

She says eviction cases averaged 30 to 40 a month before the pandemic. She says not all ended in court because CMHA worked with renters to make payments.

"We are extending expiration dates for people with vouchers. If they received a voucher that's set to expire, say today, they have actually have until Oct. 31 to continue to look for housing," she says.

Last month, CMHA started offering signing bonuses to property owners who accept vouchers. That incentive is funded through the federal CARES act.