How Content Marketing Is Replacing & Redefining Traditional Advertising

Jan 10, 2017

The Content Formula provides a step by step guide for companies to determine the exact return on investment they are receiving from their marketing efforts.
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As traditional advertising has become less effective, many companies have turned to content marketing, a strategic approach to reach and retain customers. 

These companies increase sales and grow their business by consistently creating and distributing information that current and potential customers find valuable and relevant to their needs.

The Content Formula, a book by Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner, establishes a way for companies to prove the exact return on investment they get from their content marketing efforts. Michael will be featured at the American Marketing Association Cincinnati's Signature Speaker Series event on January 27, and he joins us this afternoon, along with Health Carousel Chief Marketing Officer John Sebastian, and Dennis Devlin, CEO of Consumer Clarity and AMA Cincinnati vice president of Strategic Alignment.

Michael Brenner will be the featured speaker at the AMA Cincinnati's event Friday, January 27, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., at the Xavier University Cintas Center. For information and registration, click here.