How To Recycle Clothing And Housewares

Mar 20, 2017

Cincinnati is launching curbside textile recycling Monday. The program includes textiles, clothing, and housewares.

Eligible households should have received information in the mail. Items will be collected on your regular recycling day.

The program is free. Simple Recycling will pay the City $20 per ton for collected materials. The City will earn about $25 per ton in Residential Recycling Incentive payments.

City Manager Harry Black estimates the city could net about $70,000 per 1,000 tons of material collected per year.

Materials should be left next to your regular recycling containers in bright orange bags provided by Simple Recycling. The company will leave a replacement bag when it makes a pick-up.

Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld says the idea is to divert recyclable materials from landfills, not charities.

"If there are items that folks would have normally been giving to some sort of charitable organization, we encourage you to continue to do so," says Sittenfeld. "However, if there is something that in other cases you might have trashed, then please take advantage of this program."

Credit Provided / City of Cincinnati