How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Schemes

Aug 20, 2018

It's estimated that small businesses in the United States lose more than $7 billion per year due to fraud.

From the classics – "slip and fall" insurance claims and bogus office supply vendors – to the more recent high-tech schemes – phishing and ransomware – small businesses have long been the targets of thieves looking to make an easy score.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss how small businesses can guard against fraud and scams are U.S. Postal Inspector Kathy Woliung, a Certified Fraud Examiner for the U.S. Postal Service in Cincinnati; Community Outreach Specialist with the Cincinnati BBB, Sandra Guile; U.S. Small Business Administration Public Affairs Specialist Brooke Betit; and Director of the East Central region of the Federal Trade Commission, Jon Miller Steiger.

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