How is your garden doing this summer? Our experts are back to help your gardens and lawns

Jul 22, 2014

  Temperatures in the 90's one week, then it gets unseasonably cool, then we go days without a drop of rain followed by heavy downpours, and then there are the molds, insects, deer, moles and other critters to contend with. Many people consider gardening and yard work relaxing and enjoyable, but maintaining gardens and landscapes around here takes time, effort and experience. Joining us to share gardening tips and tricks are Peter Huttinger, property manager  at Homeadow Song Farm, and from the Campbell County Extension Office, Horticulture Technician Doris Meece and Horticultural Extension Agent David Koester. What’'s your gardening question?

For information on gardening classes and programs, visit the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati, NKY Master Gardeners Association, or the Greater Cincinnati Master Gardeners Association.