Howard Wilkinson's Monday Chat: Early Votes Are Money In The Bank For Presidential Contenders

Oct 31, 2016

Howard Wilkinson
Credit WVXU-FM

WVXU politics reporter Howard Wilkinson talked with news director Maryanne Zeleznik this morning about how both presidential campaigns - particularly the Hillary Clinton campaign - are focusing their efforts on convincing supporters to vote early. And there was a discussion of how voting percentages drop off dramatically in down-ticket races in presidential years.

Clarification: In Monday's chat, reference was made to bringing an ID to vote early at your county board of elections. When you go to the board of elections to vote early, you must show one of the same forms of ID that you use if you are mailing in an absentee ballot: the last four digits of your Social Security number, your driver's license number (although you don't have to show it) , some kind of government document (like a passport), a utility bill, or a pay stub. Board of elections officials will check the information you give them against their own records to make sure you are a registered voter. Your ballot isn't scanned until election day. Your ballot goes into a sealed envelope with is opened at 7:30 on election night with all the other absentee votes.