Howling At The Facts And Fictions Of Urban Coyotes

Feb 26, 2019

People are seeing more coyotes in neighborhoods throughout Greater Cincinnati lately, on both sides of the Ohio River. And that is causing many of them to worry about the safety of their children and pets.

While it does happen, incidents of a coyote attacking a pet are rare, and coyotes are afraid of humans. Still, hearing coyotes howl while you're out walking at night, or looking out your window and seeing one in your yard, can be unnerving.

But as more wooded areas and former farmland are turned into industrial and residential developments, the number of urban coyotes roaming neighborhoods will only increase.

Joining Cincinnati Edition for a look at some of the myths versus the reality of coyotes and the dangers they present to people and pets is Great Parks of Hamilton County (@greatparks) Nature Interpreter Paul Seevers.

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