Investigating Center For Closing The Health Gap Spending

Mar 13, 2017

The Center for Closing the Health Gap was created in 2004 to help improve the health of the poor and uninsured in Cincinnati through education, training and community outreach. Over the last decade the city has provided almost $3.8 million in funding to the nonprofit.  

The Health Gap's Do Right! Campaign is designed to encourage communities to improve nutrition and increase physical activity. The nonprofit's spending of city money is being questioned.
Credit Center for Closing the Health Gap

But after reports came out last week by both The Cincinnati Enquirer and WCPO on Health Gap spending, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley is vowing to take a closer look at how the nonprofit is using taxpayer money.

Joining us to discuss their investigations of the Center for Closing the Health Gap's finances and programs are Insider Government and Political reporter Amanda Seitz; and city hall reporter for The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sharon Coolidge.