Ironfest IV

Nov 1, 2013

Tonight is the opening of Ironfest IV at The Southgate House Revival.

Ironfest is an all-out, no-holds-barred local band rock-fest put together in honor of the late "Iron" Mike Davidson who was a huge supporter of, and contributor to, the local music scene.

The 2-day event features 35 bands, all from the Greater Cincinnati community who have come together to pay tribute to Mike and to help raise money for his family.

The lineup for the 1st night of Ironfest looks like this:

8:15 Weakness
9:00 Halvsies
10:00 The Makeshifts
11:00 Terminal Union
12:00 The Perfect Children
1:00 The Nothing

8:15 Secondary
9:05 Red Beast
9:55 Crooked Rook
10:50 Red Soul Rising
11:45 V-Twin Sin
12:35 Lohed

8:20 Mangrenade
9:10 Grey Host
10:00 Frantic Romantic
10:55 Gazer
11:45 Ethicist
12:40 Wonky Tonk & The Holiday Ramblers

The 2nd night lineup continues with:

9:00 Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers
10:00 Boneyard
11:00 Sticky Honey
12:00 Mudpies
1:00 Mad Anthony

8:15 Rhythm & Booze
9:05 Mala In Se
9:55 Smoke Signals
10:50 Martin Luther & The Kings
11:45 Bad Standard
12:35 Comprador

8:20 Vacation
9:10 New Strange
10:00 Valley Of The Sun
10:55 Vampire Weekend At Bernie's
11:45 Honeyspiders
12:40 The Frankl Project

Tickets are still available for both nights from The Southgate House Revival web site and from ticketfly.