Jump Starting Your Career After Staying Home To Raise Kids

May 9, 2017

Many women choose to leave the workforce after having a child and the number of stay-at-home mothers is on the rise after decades of decline. The decision to stay home and raise a family is a personal one but it can have professional implications when a parent chooses to return to a career. This can include a cut in salary and a downgraded position after years spent away from the workforce.

“Moms for Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart Your Next Career” by Deborah Newmyer
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As the mother of four and a successful film and television producer, author Deborah Newmyer knows the struggle many parents face. In her new book “Moms for Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart Your Next Career” Newmyer provides a job-hunting roadmap for parents looking to jumpstart a new career.

Joining us to discuss the challenges of juggling parenthood and professional life are author Deborah Newmyer and professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Cincinnati, Gary Dick, PhD.