Keeping Money On-hand in Case of Emergency

May 29, 2015

As many Americans sadly discover each year, a sudden change in income or expenses can often cause severe hardship for individuals and families. The loss of a job, a disabling illness, even large, unexpected home or car repairs can suddenly create financial turmoil and a scramble to come up with the money needed to get by. 

While it is often difficult to save money, it’s always good to build-up an easily-accessible emergency fund, just in case.

Which is why financial advisors recommend keeping a readily-available  emergency fund on hand, money you can get to quickly, when you need it. Here to discuss how to build that fund, and how much you need, are  Nick Puncer, a vice president at Bahl and Gaynor; David Nienaber, with the investment firm of Foster and Motley; and, investment advisor Chris DeSimio.