Keeping Ohio River Algal Blooms In Check

Dec 8, 2015

The toxic green glob of slime known as an algal bloom which spanned over 600 miles on the Ohio River in September, 2015 is gone now but water experts remain vigilant in efforts to control and treat it when it comes back.

Tuesday marks the second Algal Toxin Summit in as many years in Cincinnati, bringing together leading experts in water technology, utility water treatment, water quality and monitoring.

The summit is sponsored by Confluence.  Board chairman Reese Johnson says last year researchers identified two major gaps: filter research and data collection.

He says the challenge in data collection involves getting information from a lot of different sources and combining them. A mobile app from Liquid seems to be a possible solution. WVXU previewed new technology as part of the station's water series and featured Liquid here.

The meeting will take place at Techsolve.